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The Fear of Covid-19 and the New Approach

In times of sudden turmoil and disruption and endless wait for things to regain balance in life, we all feel frustrated and anxious about our future. CoVid19 has opened a new door of dangerous doubts and possible susceptibility to this fatal disease.

All of you, just like me are restricted to your homes... feeling helpless and captivated by our own lives just for the sake of our survival. We don't know why our Creator is so angry and cross making us go through a turbulent test. Why He is not listening to our prayers...? Why He has sent this epidemic and killing all human communities one by one. It hurts, it aches and above all, it is causing too much fear and we do not know how to deal with our little ones what to teach them and whatnot. I could have started this post with encouraging words but portraying the real picture is vitally important.

We are all stuck in homes staring at the walls and ceilings counting days to see the life-like before.  An optimist like me even is a human being and loses hope. I must not say this but God forbid me our Creator is infuriated on all of us regardless of the religion and race.

My heart aches and cries for humanity as so many people are dying and the stats are exponentially increasing. No matter what I will not stop spreading positive vibes and quirks of my soul. No time is forever. I asked from happiness if I could catch it and preserve it for a long time, it said, "NO!".
Similarly, this time of intense confusion and disturbance shall pass soon.

Just make your inner self intact and collected together so that you know how to rise from this moment of despair. You must breathe and let go and forgive all those grudges and hard feelings and live life as if it is the last day on earth. Forgive your loved ones and enemies and let's pray together for the betterment of our human communities. My Creator is Truthful and He Himself has declared to be the most Merciful and Kind. I am sure He will save us and our loved ones for sure.


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